MSP License Aggregation / Savings

MSP License Aggregation Program

As software usage continues to grow in the service provider industry, managing multiple software licenses can become a daunting task. The process of purchasing, tracking, and managing licenses can be complex, time-consuming, and costly, often leading to compliance issues and potential legal repercussions. This is where Arrosoft MSP License Aggregation comes in. Arrosoft has partnered with the world’s leading backup and recovery software vendors to provide their licenses globally along with technical support at a lower cost than what the MSP is currently paying. Through our global sales volume, we are able to negotiate for much better discounts from major backup and recovery vendors. We then pass these discounts back to our MSP partners to enable them to be more competitive and profitable in their business. You can save up to 30% on your backup and recovery software licenses with Arrosoft MSP License Aggregation Program.

Vendor A

Vendor B

Vendor C

Arrosoft MSP Aggregator



End Customers


Best pricing without the commitments
No deal reg or price approval needed
Access to SKUs not available in-country
Purchase single units, no need to buy in packs
Not impacted by principal price increases
Many of the top brands on the Gartner Magic Quadrant are available through Arrosoft MSP License Aggregation Program.

Our Offerings

LICENSEMSP leased License (best competitive price)
BASICRemote technical supportL3
PRE-SALES SUPPORTSupport for pre-sales activIties  
DEPLOYMENT SUPPORTDeployment support  
DELIVERY SUPPORTSupport during operation   
ANALYSISInsight analysis   
HIGHLIGHTOutstanding services   
Catergory Category Detail Pro-Partner MSP Bronze MSP Silver MSP Gold
License MSP leased License ✔ (best competitive price)
Basic Remote technical support L3
Presales support Support for presales activties
Deployment support Deployment support
Delivery support Support during operation
Report Reports
Analysis Insight analysis
Highlight Outstanding services

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Leading data management and protection solution, offering reliable backup, recovery, and replication services for businesses, ensuring data availability and business continuity.

Comprehensive data management platform providing backup, recovery and storage solutions for major enterprise workloads, ensuring data accessibility, compliance and security.

A leading cybersecurity and data protection company, offering cutting-edge solutions for backup, recovery, and secure data management across diverse environments.

A cloud-native data protection platform, providing efficient backup, recovery, and governance solutions for organizations, ensuring data resilience and security with the ease-of-use of cloud.

An innovative cloud data management platform, simplifying backup, recovery, and data governance with its scalable and secure solutions for enterprises delivered in convenient appliances.

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