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Arctic Security Early Warning Service (EWS)

Arrosoft are proud to partner with Arctic Security EWS to provide attack surface management (ASM) services. Arctic EWS matches global cybersecurity observations to your organization and turns them into ready-to-use notifications. It handles threat types such as compromised machines and remotely exploitable services that act as publicly accessible weak points in your network.

Arctic EWS doesn’t replace but rather complements your existing security measures. It adds an extra layer of security to your operations by catching incidents that have passed through your current security solutions. EWS is cost-effective and easy to set up and maintain for any business. Once you enter your business’ network information, you can start receiving notifications without any complex configurations or installation processes.

Arctic EWS notifications reveal the immediate security issues in your organization’s network. Enhance your security by increasing the visibility of cybersecurity issues such as data breaches that could damage your operations. Instead of reacting to issues, anticipate them using high-quality information: fix problems before they cause harm.

Key Features

Third-Party Cybersecurity Threat Validation​

Have you ever wished you could see your network from the outside? Arctic EWS allows you to do exactly that, and the information it provides can often be business critical. The ultimate goal of a subscription is to achieve an empty monthly report and minimal daily notifications.

A Cost-Effective Solution

You can’t normally purchase global-level access to data breaches for individual networks. But we can. Arctic EWS is a reliable, cost-effective way to get access to threat information that would otherwise be expensive. We put this data right at your fingertips, making it cheaper, quicker and more convenient to access.

Easy Implementation

Onboarding couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to keep track of any hardware or software and you don’t need to deal with the hassle of giving up access to your network. Our monitoring is 100% external. Simply fill out the form above to start your network asset discovery. You’ll receive notifications as soon as there’s something to report.

Improved Business Efficiency

Services can often lead to extra work, especially if you want to get the most out of them. Arctic EWS doesn’t add to your workload. In fact, it actually reduces it. There are no time-consuming analyses. Your IT staff can just receive information, review it and take action. And the earlier they act, the more empowered they’ll be to do more.

Non-Stop Eervice, 24/7/365

Defensive cybersecurity is about staying vigilant. While scheduled vulnerability scans from external consultants are useful, they leave you exposed between scans. With Arctic EWS, you don’t need to wait for scans at all. Our monitoring is continuous. You can discover vulnerabilities, suspected malware, data breaches and more - around the clock.

Effortlessly Meet Compliance Requirements

Compliance can feel like extra work, but it’s there for a reason. We all want to be compliant without it feeling like a chore. With a subscription to Arctic EWS, you’re checking several boxes right from the start, including key NIST 800-172 and CMMC requirements relating to incident response, risk management, security assessment and situational awareness.
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