AirGap Ransomware Protection

Your backups are at risk

Cyber criminals have set their sights on your backup and data protection infrastructure, with the aim of corrupting, encrypting, or deleting them. This makes it very challenging to execute a reliable and timely recovery and allows attackers to ask for more extreme ransoms. For many organizations, the challenge now is to protect that backup infrastructure. Backups should provide the isolation needed from cyber-attacks, immutability from destructive threats, and, most importantly, the intelligence to know if that data has already been compromised.

The Arrosoft AirGap Advantage


Cybercriminals cannot corrupt data they do not know exists. AirGap isolates your backups using randomized port opening times to prevent the data from being discovered by attackers. Multi-factor authentication further isolates the AirGap vault from compromised network credentials.


Arrosoft AirGap deploys specially designed intelligent sensors to monitor and alert if the source data has been compromised. If suspicious behaviour is detected, AirGap isolates the infected server to prevent the corrupted data from being backed up. This ensures that the data in the AirGap vault is always clean.


Arrosoft AirGap deploys advanced technology to lock down the protected data ensures that it cannot be tampered with, corrupted or destroyed. This includes protecting the backup database and catalogs to ensure that the data is recoverable even if the backup infrastructure has been damaged.

How it works

Arrosoft AirGap is built based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to provide the highest level of data protection. Working hand-in-hand with your existing backup software, AirGap introduces new and unique capabilities which will supercharge your backup’s ability to defend against and recover from a ransomware attack.

These capabilities include the ability to connect the AirGap vault to the backup server based on a randomized schedule to make it more difficult for attackers to locate the vault. AirGap also deploys sensors throughout your environment to monitor the production data in your servers. These sensors report any abnormal activities and will lock down the vault if suspicious behaviour is detected.

Once the vault has been locked, it can only be unlocked using the built-in multi-factor authentication system. Arrosoft AirGap utilizes the world’s latest enterprise zero-trust concept and permissionless design to create the cleanest and purest backup space for your precious data.


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